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A thousand attractions for a unique territory


Ancient and bustling village of fishermen and salt miners

Cervia develops along two axes. The first, the oldest, is the one that follows the canal route that creeps linear from the sea into the heart of the historic center. It runs along the pier and the reef, then the dock with its moored masts, the cluster of stores and restaurants of Borgo Marina, and then reaches the Tower. From here the last stretch of the canal, the liveliest, dense with clubs and events. And all the branching off of alleys and small squares along the historic center.
The second axis is the one that runs parallel to the sea, the Cervia waterfront. A parade of modern, sophisticated beach establishments, many of them restaurants and spas.

Cervia, a pleasure to discover, a wonder to experience.

Hotel Schiller Cervia
Hotel Schiller Cervia

The Beach

sea, cuisine & sports

Kilometers of sand interspersed with umbrellas and sunbeds, many square meters of beach equipped for relaxation, fun but also for enjoying an active vacation with your feet in the sand.

The Pinewood

the green sea front

150 meters from the hotel, looking out to sea, on your right you will find the starting point of the pine forest. A verdant and lush oasis, as long as 4 kilometers, which encloses outdoor life paths and stations dedicated to functional sports exercises.

Picnic areas surrounded by nature and perfect for moments of relaxation and coolness during hot summer days. A pleasant prelude to the sea or the ideal space to practice sports on foot or by bicycle.

A seaside vacation that smells of nature.

The Salt Flats

white gold of cervia

A protected nature oasis since 1979, the Cervia Salt Pans Park covers an area of 827 hectares. With Etruscan origins, today it is part of the southern area of the Po Delta Regional Park, boasts an exemplary wealth of wildlife and is perfect for birdwatching.
The origins of the "city of salt" date back to the cultivation of the so-called "white gold," which is still active today but has evolved to industrial methods. Only the Camillone Salt Works, which can be visited, keeps the tradition of salt culture alive. Not to be missed in Cervia is a visit to the Salt Museum or a boat trip along the salt-pan canals.

The magic of the salt pans painted pink at sunset time.

Hotel Schiller Cervia


seafood cuisine and traditions

Restaurants and wine bars dot Cervia's canal, historic center, and beach. The blue fish, the piadina, and the Cervia mussel are certainly not to be missed. But, depending on your daily choice, you can enjoy excellent seafood and non-fish recipes from the sea and the world in informal or elegant settings.

Events in Cervia

Your summer at the beach

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